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We're excited to welcome you to our 9-hole executive putting course at the The 19th Hole.

This course was designed with many features in mind including playing with realistic speed, and breaks as well as being aesthetically pleasing for our guests. We've utilized top of the line turfs with a variety of thickness and speeds to ensure a realistic speed and break from our fairways, roughs and greens.

Our courses are designed with both the avid golfer and the amateur golfer in mind and are playable by a variety of age levels.

While we are not a Mini-Golf or "Putt-Putt" facility as we have no windmills, animals, or unrealistic obstructions we do have a lot of FUN where skill will be evident and those with less experience will require more strokes to complete each hole.


That's relative to the person's skill level with the holes varying in difficulty, hazards, length and hole position,
The course features 9 holes spanning over 4000 square feet and a tee box to back of green total distance of over 500 feet.
The course is made up of two Par 2's and seven Par 3 holes for a total Par of 25.
So far there have been a few hole in ones by our staff but even after 100 combined rounds there are still holes that have yet to be "Aced" and we're interested to see if/when they will be mastered.


Play with a Purpose- Have a great time while being safe and respectful to all.

Rules of Play-
+You must wait to enter the area of the first hole until instructed to do so.
+You may use your own putter but it must be "labeled" by pro shop and you will still be required to pay for that round.
+Only CCA Course Balls are allowed to be used on the course.
+No more than 4 players per hole. Additional players will have to follow behind.
+The maximum score is 3 over par, triple bogey, for any hole.
+If a ball rests in the sand bunkers you are to play it as normal.
+If a ball rests in the a water hazard you are to leave the ball as it lies and add an additional penalty stroke.
+If a ball comes to rest on or past another hole, you are to pick up that ball and set it one putter length back into the current holes area, plus add a penalty stroke. (Remember if this happens again you must leave the course as your round is over)
+If your ball comes to rest on any non-turfed area you are to place the ball one putter length from where it departed the turf area and add a penalty stroke. (Keep in mind if this happens again for the player or group, you must leave the course as your round is over.)
+You are to immediately return your putter and ball to the "Pro Shop" at the end of your paid round.

Safety Related Rules-
You are to wait for the group in front of you to clear the hole before "Tee-ing Off".
+You may not use the putter to scoop the ball out of the hole. (Result: Immediate End of Round)
+You may not take full or even partial swings above ankle height. (Result: Warning or Immediate End of Round)
+While it is understandable for new players to reach the rough, shots should not leave the course or cross over onto another --hole. There will be one final warning, after that player or groups round and play for that day will be over.
+Drinks may be brought onto the course by players, if there are any spills please call to the attention of the closest staff member immediately.

Again- "Have a great time while being safe and respectful to all."